Social Media:

Lost track of what social platform does what and how to engage with your clients on them?

Digital Dr has a proven track record with social media. We stay on top of the current demographics, trends and methods of acquiring reach, so that more clients engage with your brand extending the value of your advertising dollars!


Search Engine Optimization

This is the black magic and voodoo behind search engines. Having excellent SEO analysis and implementation will make your website rank higher against competition, thus bringing your business more clientele. This often overlooked element to your online presence is critical to your success.

Fortunately Digital Dr again comes to the rescue. We have a number of successful sites ranking on the first page of Google for their niche.

Web Design and Implementation

Digital Dr offers complete business and personal websites integrated with high-quality design, graphics, images and SEO.

Our clients are amazed with how quickly a website is produced and how simple the tools are to keep it up to date!

All websites come equipped with a easy to use content management system, allowing you to edit your site quickly - saving time and money and giving you full control of your website.

Hosting is with a green partner that purchases 200% of the energy used on servers in wind power. CMS is with a new Canadian Startup that is taking the web by storm and changing how websites are made, forever.

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Website Design

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