I do and have worked with a variety of individuals, industries and businesses.

  • Maintaining and repairing PCs and laptops
  • Catastrophic data loss and recovery
  • Implementing backup architecture and strategies
  • Software and hardware rollouts
  • Advising and consulting with a company’s IT team
  • Consulting with business owners seeking the best digital tools to further their business goals. Websites, social media management, Search Engine Optimization and offline tools.
  • provide a technical help desk specialist for over the phone or remote support.

We support your computing, network and security needs by all means at our disposal. We handle personal computer repair, to corporate support services and everything in-between.

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Computer Repair

What do I do as a computer technician?

You probably all know how much we rely on technology everyday, but no one thinks about it until it stops working. As technology advances, there is a need for people, like myself, that play with the technology and the tools everyone uses everyday. I then am able to pass on my knowledge, or at least help with tech support and computer repair on a wide range of platforms, hardware and software.

Often my work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Installing software or hardware
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment
  • Troubleshooting wide ranging computer issues
  • Malware and Spyware removal
  • Intermittent problems
  • Data Recovery
  • Unresponsive hardware
  • Analysing and installing appropriate security measures
  • Configure and secure computer networks
  • Providing technical support on-site, via phone, email or remote connection

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