I am standing by to provide tech support via telephone, email and esupport services, wherever you are!

Additionally I design and build websites utilizing only the tools necessary to accomplish your goals with taking your business online!

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© Digital Dr 2016 All rights reserved 229 Fourth St. W. Fort Frances Ontario Canada

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Personalized and team coaching or learn from my blog: computer basics, protecting yourself online and understanding scams online.

All the way to how to leverage the power of the internet to make money with an online income!

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I build custom computer systems, upgrade your current PC and perform computer repairs in my living room!

Digital Dr - Computer Repair and more!

Professional Nerd

Get your computer, technology and online needs resolved by relying on my expertise. Call the Doctor.

Branding, digital marketing, social media, SEO, eCommerce, imaging, video and copywriting are just a few of the services I bring to the table to bring your web presence alive!

I've been immersed in computers and IT for 37 years!